About Me

Jenna Mace Photography

I love that you’re here. It’s important for me that YOU are here.

While my actual life started in 1975; this blog picks up in 2016. 

What a year – 5 unexpected surgeries for me plus a very sick little boy, a busy, big family (husband, 5 kids & a Golden Retriever named Honey)… AND here we are.

My family was carried and fed and loved through the dreaded 2016 by so many people. And this blog actually came about as a way to update everyone on our crazy, medical chaos.

It was in those updates that I felt compelled to share how God and I were dealing with these crazy episodes of “Season 41” of my life.

God is too big a part of my life not to share.

I found the email list growing, the “now what” list growing and my relationship with the Lord growing as well.

Life has broken my heart along the way.  It may have broken yours a bit too.

I’m learning to be grateful for those cracks. After all, it’s how the light gets in…